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  • Australia features a blend of cultures, with big cities, rustic towns, sprawling desert landscapes, famous attractions, well-known animals, such as the koala and kangaroo, and friendly people. In Sydney, savor unique wildlife and soak up the sun along its many beaches. Marvel at famous attractions, including the Sydney Opera House. Enjoy the city's friendly, laid-back spirit. Melbourne, nestled in the southeastern corner of Australia, mixes together a wildly diverse population, grand European architecture, bohemian cafes, a thriving performing arts scene, great public transportation, and the country's best shopping. Take advantage of Australia flights with United Airlines® today.

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Top things to do in Australia


Sydney is a fascinating city with fine dining, sophisticated shopping, beautiful beaches, and dazzling waterways. Take a tour of the Sydney Opera house to learn about the inner workings, Discover Sydney's past at The Rocks, go camping on Cockatoo Island, or visit the Sydney's Taronga Zoo.


The open spaces, rugged mountains, and spectacular gorges of the Outback are a perfect reflection of Australia's pioneering spirit. Explore the waterholes of the Flinders Ranges, visit the former mining town of Broken Hill, or dine on mud crab in Kununurra.

Echo Point

The Three Sisters, a landmark in the Blue Mountains, were formed over thousands of years and tower over 2,952 feet. The best place to view them is from Echo Point lookout at Katoomba. Hiking through Echo Point you'll find waterfalls, ravines, sheer cliffs, forests, rock climbing, and caving.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a must see. Stretching for more than 1,242 miles along the Queensland coastline, this World Heritage site is home to 1,500 species of fish including clownfish, red bass, and red-throat emperor. The best way to view the reef is snorkeling or diving.


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